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It crowd online dating profile

Roy, with a nosebleed, stands outside the restaurant with Jen.They notice that Daniel and Rebecca are leaving together, with her trailing behind him as he shouts for her to hurry up.

After asking her out on a date, via Chris Tarrant, Daniel proceeds to ask her the question, and as he has already used his lifeline, there are only two possible answers.

Roy, seeing the commotion, and accidentally once again smearing chocolate from his dessert on his forehead, goes over to try and dispel the situation.

After Daniel accidentally hits Jen with the clown shoe he was using to beat up the clown, Roy jumps to her defence, earning himself a punch in the face.

The creator and director of the series, Graham Linehan, appears in "Messy Joe's" as one of the mariachi band members.

He is the heavier of the three with the mustache that sings into the camera.

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